More Power To You, Girl With The Pink Crossbow!

Whether you go to shoot prey or to sharpen your skills at the range with a target, this Parker Bows Challenger Ladies Crossbow Package was built just for you. This weapon has an impressive 4x Multi-reticle Scope and optimal balance point for improved accuracy.

Quality built

As you may find at Parker is one of the leading archery companies in the US. They have been in business since 1985, Their team of seasoned industry veterans have great insight into the markets, a number of archery Patents, and dozens of first time developments and ideas that have been used by other manufacturers. They built this bow with quality. The weapon is lightweight super-compact and designed for easy handling both in the woods or on the range.


Parker Bows has gone out of their way to make sure that this beauty is super safe. They put an auto-engage ambidextrous safety lock and an anti-dry-fire mechanism to ensure that even the greenest beginner will not hurt herself. This bow will fit almost any hand and because it is lightweight, she can take it almost everywhere. I am a leftie, and most of those safety switches were not made for people like me. I have to switch hands just to flip the safety off or on. Dry fire is shooting the bow with no arrow. This will damage the bow because the arrow is made to absorb the shock from the released string. If the arrow is not there, the weapon absorbs the shock, and will be damaged.

More power to you

This is power in your hand. The weapon is leveraged to shoot arrows at an impressive speed of 275-300 FPS, with an adjustable draw weight of 125-150 lbs, The machined aluminum riser and ballistic polymer barrel are built rugged, and help to ensure an accurate shot. Your friends will be impressed with a Muddy Girl Camo Stock with pistol grip. This bow weighs only 5.5lbs. This package includes four arrows, one for her to make the kill, the other three to loan to her friends. the box also contains a 4X multi-reticle scope to ensure accuracy, and a quick-detach quiver.

Great pink crossbow for low budget buyers who want outdoor action. If you are on a fixed budget, this is the sport for you. Archery requires the same amount of concentration, and can be just as rewarding as plinking without firing those expensive shells. She may not get the loud boom or the rush of adrenaline that accompanies a gun, but there are pros and cons to both. Every time that you fire a pistol, shotgun, or rifle, that is money going out the barrel. Shooting ranges typically cost more, and have a lot potential for serious injury than archery ranges. With arrows, you can just retrieve them from the bulls-eye, the animal or from whatever target that you hit and in most cases, shoot them again and again.

Great for connecting with others:This bow is the perfect gift for Christmas or birthday this year, and a great way for a lady to spend time with a significant friend, or just meeting people at the shooting range while improving her skills.

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